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From Stephanie, Age 14

I am 14 and weigh about 200-10 pounds. I need to know how to lose this holiday fat (i gained about 20 pounds since November, don't know how..) I cannot fit into the clothes we bought 2 weeks ago. EMBARASSING STORY ALERT! Have you ever ripped every seam and button off your favorite shirt? I was in a friend's room changing into my fav outfit- capri pants and a pink/blue camouflage shirt. My stomach was bulging out of my brand new capris already, so i chose the long top to try to cover it. Fat was rolling over the top, so I pulled them up higher. I went to put the shirt on, I noticed it was a little snug in the arms. When I went to button it, I thought my mom had shrunken the shirt because it didn't fit right. After buttoning all the buttons, I bent over to pick up my other clothes, the whole shirt burst into shreds with buttons flying! At the same time, my friend's twin sister walked in and thought i was a stranger. She knocked my unconscious without a shirt on. Then their snobby older sister came in and poked and prodded my stomach, which had made the zipper and button come undone. When i woke up, there was a note on my huge belly. "Lose weight, fat bitch! You made the house shake, and the ground sink. No wonder you can't fit into your clothes! I looked at your food records! 200 pounds is fat for your age! Go eat your 200 course meals!" I never went there again. I have since gained weight because of depression, and tried everything to keep it off, but just gain more. Now when I see Krystal in the halls she says "Boom, Boom, Boom. Here comes another earthquake!", "Baby wanna twinkie?", and "Jiggle Steph, Jiggle who? Jiggle Steph, Jiggle who?". ANOTHER STORY! Have you ever heard the parody of "thong song", "Please don't wear that thong"? I was at a pool party that I really didn't want to be @, but my crush was there so I went. We were all jamming to the "thong song", and he changed the song. All of a sudden we heard "Stephanie this is for you." I thought it was sweet, since he had been casually staring at me, and passing me sweet notes at school. "OOH, THAT DRESS TOO SMALL 4 U, LOOKS LIKE YOU GAINED ANOTHER POUND OR 2... YOU LIKE TO EAT AT ALL THE ICE CREAM SHOPS, THEN YOU CRUISE TO THE MALL FOR SOME DIPPIN DOTS... I HATE TO TELL YOU BUT I TOLDJA SO, BEEN WATCHING THAT TUMMY GROW... SHE HAD A BIG OL BUTT, BUTT, BUTT, THIGHS LIKA TRUCK (3X), BIG FAT GUT, PLEASE DON'T WEAR THAT THONG"... i burst into tears, and went home... eating in my depression 6 Zingers, 10 twinkies, and 50 packs of kit kats. HELP