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From Liz, Age 14

When I read the URL of this webpage, I laughed so much. Blubberbuster?? How mean is that!! Hehe . . . anyway, this bulletin board is nice. It's good how you're all helping each other. I'm 5 ft 2 and 145 lb, which is pretty depressing, but I don't want to kill myself or anything . . . I still love myself and think I'm cool a lot, it's just, going to the mall, and seeing all the small sizes, you know . . . well, if you want to get your head away from thinking about being "fat" try other things - like writing, or collecting, or theater, or a really good thing - ART. I love art and am pretty good =) and it really makes you feel better about yourself. So, I'm OK with myself, but I'm noticing now that yes, I am "at risk for being overweight" as blubberbuster's calculator says =) so, I'd like to change that. I don't eat much meat . . . no red meat, and that helps. Just chicken + tuna. Today I've only eaten like 600 calories at the most so far, which is cool. I think my problem is mainly not excersing enough. But I am always doing things after school until about 7 and am so busy!! If someone has any help for quicker excersises, that'd be great. Don't be sad everyone . . . smile =)