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From Rosie, Age 13

Hey all! I'm really confused, cuz I did a BMI test thingy at and, and it said my BMI was 22.5, which was perfectly healthy according to them. I then came on this site and it said I was in the 89th percentile for my BMI and the 96th for my weight according to my age. It also said I was above the 97th for height. There are only 100 Grade 8s in my school, and that means I'm heavier than 96 of them. When I read that, I felt like I was gonna throw up. Not inducing bulimia or anything, it just made me feel so much fatter. I've lost 15 lbs unintentionally since I moved here a year ago, and it seems like every single girl in Gr. 8 at my school is under 100 lbs. We were doing a thing in Science where we were calculating our weight on other planets to see the effects of gravity, and I felt that I had to lie about my weight. I constantly wear baggy clothes, so nobody notices my size. I said I was 98 lbs, as opposed to my 140. I was still the heaviest, and not even the tallest. I feel so fat, and no matter how much I try to excersize(i have tons of willpower) it doesn't seem to make me smaller. I think I might be losing muscle instead of fat, and I don't know how to be smaller, but keep muscle. Please, if you have any advice, I would be really grateful. PS I lift weights to try and tone my arms more