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From Chloe, Age 13

Ht. 5'2", Start: 9 st 4, Today: 9 st 4, Goal: 7 st 11 - Please can someone be completely honest with me. I'm so insecure and I think I'm overweight. The BMI calculators all say I'm a little overweight but I think I'm more than just a little. I have no muscle on me. I barely exercise (an hour a week) but do more when I'm in school. I have 3 rolls of fat on my stomach. I'm a size 10 UK Women's size clothes and have big thighs and upper body. My stomach is definitely the worst though. I really need to speak to someone ( a doctor or something) about my weight but my mum just worries that I have an eating disorder when I mention to her that I might be overweight. With regards to genes, My mum and Nan are obese (my Nan is a size 22 and 5 foot and my mum a 16 and 5 foot 4) and my dad is underweight or on the lower scale of normal. I have already passed the stage where I put on a lot of weight, so this is not just puppy fat. I hate constantly having to suck in and can't get the thought of my weight out of my head; when I'm out shopping, doing PE or even at home in front of my mum and dad. Please help me, thank you.