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From Lucia, Age 14

Ht. 158 cm, Start: 60 kg, Today: 60 kg, Goal: 30 kg - The fat one. I'm alone. If you don't like it, why do you eat? So alone. Just you. You're the fat one. Stop eating. High School should be stressful for a girl with a 4.0- but not enough for her to become obese. And certainly not enough for her to shove her fingers down her throat to stay home sick for school. Although, it was, and I managed to gain 6 kilos in this short period of time. And I hear the whispering thoughts. Stop eating. Why are you doing this? Alone. Just you. My friends know me as the 'ugly twin' (yes, I have a twin sister) and as 'the fat twin'. Nobody's told me- I know it's true. And I'm obese. The words still haunt me wherever I go. When I can't fall asleep. Although I write about it online. I give my help, I lend a hand, and I feel Obese instead of obese. Obese like I am part of a community, when I am speaking with a grin on my face, when I talk to people with the same struggle. We deserve that capital O. And in those moments, I am almost proud to be Obese. Although even when I'm being my motivational, happy, super-self, I still hear the whispers. Scared. Fat. Afraid. Alone.