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From Jessica, Age 19

Ht. 5'3.7", Start: 162 lb, Today: 176 lb, Goal: 118 lb - umm guys I 'd do small jean/pant/skirt/dress mini goal size,. lets say for an example u re 5'2 14 years olds guys,. u weigh 190 lbs, I 'd aim losing 2-4 lbs,. wear a size 18 in dress I 'd aim 16-14, 2-3., I remember being that w.t. 188-190 that's was horrible., I'm nerves of going back to those numbers, I was like not going back there., the 5K changelle is up to MAR 20,. it started Jan 25., I was going to do it on Mon, 'll it snowed & there was a lot of ice,. I didn't want to hurt myself, & reck my UGG boots,. they re not cheep to replace guys,. they keep feet toasty, take it slow, guys,. mini goals, measure food with a scale & calouting it. calorie counting,. I got few shrits fitting me better! I 'd like to lose 2-4 dress sizes!,. I pic myself wearing a size 7-9 dress size in Junior's homeschool prom,. I pic myself in those dress,. no I 'd not spend $200 on a prom dress,. that's to much., no that's for horse back riding., I 'd go to JCP/ebay/Amazon/or go to a place that sells used prom dress., famous foot wear does 've dress shoes heels., I 'd not a lot of $$$ its crazy., I got ideas on saving $$$ for lowering college text books,. they cost over a thousand dollars at times,. its outrouges,. I 'd go to chagg, Amazon,. or rent them, borrow them from the library, they gone up 800% since 1978., not very u 'll find no meal plan opition., or ask a friend if u can borrow it.., I 'll get college text books used or rent them, I mean $500 dolars at GCC is pricy,. got me thinking h.w. to save $$$ on college text books,. tution is a sky high,. do some canparing guys., share a car, & save a lot of gas $$$ that way., free socal events I'm seeing my g is already in debt the trend is scary., Jessica19.