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From Jessica, Age 19

Ht. 5'3.7", Start: 162 lb, Today: 174 lb, Goal: 118 lb - I'm really moody now in days, my w.t. 170's, is not healthy, waste of my teens, makes me ashamed, at least I'm not XXL, I was pretty embarsed of myself Sun at my o sister's place, wearing one of my cat Tshrit, sized M, Junior's/misses, dose it fit u? my sister asked me?., I forze in shame, its not funny, I bought that I 'd get the w.t. off, not gain it back, rite, I'm really angry now, I'm really done with w.t. issues, after I left this site I lost movation, I went back to my bad habits, I was no longer encouraged , I gave up, after going back to the 160's, I was almost 160!, I was fitting into 11/12/ Junior's, I 'h 30 lbs to be a small!/XSmall, what a shame all of that hard work wasted, after track ended I end up going back to sitting around, the anxites & stress depression, I felt like a failure, I'm fed up with this cycle, I'm back to wearing sweatshrits again to cover my belly, not good, for me, yet others tell me u don't need to lose w.t. u don't look bad, if U see my shrit off, people, Its look bad, I 'h no contact with my friend James, I was emoitaly with drawn, I gave up myself alotgther summer 2014,.. I 'h the wrong attude, I'm really demtered to get the w.t. off, going to bed late & getting up late not healthy either, its unfountre that my parents didn't force that bedtime rule was set when I was 10/11 years old., I' ll set boundries for myself,. I'm so sad that I don't take showers half of the time, yes I know its not gross, I do forget my meals at times, I do get distracted, easily, I need to do dance workouts!!, I do want to lose a jean & dress size!!! my goal is to be under 170's before I go to college, & homeschool prom graduation picture,! graduation nite I walked out in my dream I was 128-129 lbs, I was 45-50 lighter my head was up, I felt comfortable in my own skin, I felt better in my own skin, I felt great in my body, picking out shorts & tank tops camies, skirts & dress, going through my wardrobe of clothes seeing my stuff to big on me, need new clothes, seeing my self confidence's, up & bright, 40 lbs by May, I 'll see , 28 day chegllange, enough is enough no nite snacking, no I didn't eat that many candy canes, small portion size, TSB TSP, OZ, food chart, small glass of milk once a day!< I'm NOT joking bout this,, no dress till I lose 20 lbs not even a one-piece swimsuit, my swimsuit I wear for swim team is getting tight I'm like that dose it, less sitting, I fond dance workout alumb on spofity or iTunes radio,.. cleaning up my sitting around 8-10 lbs 'd help my swimsuit fit better XL in clothing I 'd not like that,.. sitting around makes u gain weight, moving around a lot makes u lose unwanted fat on your body, ok enough said,. yes I made my point, to help you teens understand what I'm saying,.. Jessica19.