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From Jessica, Age 18

Ht. 5'3.7", Start: 162 lb, Today: 160 lb, Goal: 118 lb - I know a year ago at this time of year I was wearing a size 15/16/ in my jeans but refushed to buy that size again my tops were XL this year I'm L in my tops! & TSRITS re M or L! I'm almost a size Small! which is great! it took me to get out of XL's now almost M in my stuff! I'm close to average clothing size for my peite hight & body built bone type trust me AXNORIA is not a good idea if some reason a teen says I want to go Anxoria well don't cause it damage your body & memory I was losing some of my memory from that. believe me its scary losing memory I realized that my anxoria really affected my memory for a while. I could barley remember some of my friend's name its embarssing. don't try it lose the w.t. in a healthy way please its normal for you girls at 13-15 start getting to crushes on boys' be careful whom u crush on. gaining w.t. is fursting I feel the w.t. coming off my arms & face already! I didn't noicte that till last Sun. no wonder my short jean pants re sliding off but my smallest size I 've is a size 12 and they re sliding off my XL tops don't stay up anymore! L its beginning do I want to be thinner when I see my close friend James in two months in a week! next wek it ll be 7 weks. trust me size 7/8 for that month Dec 5/6 by Chistmas size 3/4/ in my jeans I can pic the reacton from you guys when I accounce I reach my goal yes when I reach size small TSHRITS = 121 lbs that's slightly overweight 3-2 lbs that 'd mean I will be getting closer to my w.t. if you guys feel like can't get under size XXXL or size X's like 1X-4X or above don't give up! 29.7 inch is where I am at right now I wasn't last fall 2012 but this fall I'm just close to being 28 inch that's my mini goal = 142-153 lbs! I'm not quite 5'4 just a quarter inch shorter then 5'4. I may stay 5'3.7 or 5'4. small portions & control excrise. I thought I might movate myself & you guys! Jessica18.