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From Jessica, Age 18

Ht. 5'3.7", Start: 162 lb, Today: 160 lb, Goal: 118 lb - Hey guys I noticed that a lot of you guys re struggling to keep the movation I still do too a lot of times while I was at camp last wek one girl 15 years old she is fifteen I saw how struggled to keep with me & the camp crew group for the running she wears 2XL Junior's like I used to I was the exact same age u guys re not alone in this I can run up to 800 meters without any trouble I'm not 100% in shape yet but I ll get there I 've to do more then just walking & running the dog cardio different excrises every day! stay on tracking with eating at camp is not easy guys. u guys don't give up! I 've drank almost no sugar drinks this past week! yay! I don't like sweet ice tea anyhow yuck to much sugar not good for ur body once in a while is ok snacking can be an issue if u don't control. I didn't beat myself over it guys I admitted I made a mistake to learn from it & not keep going on bout it I moved on from it! next year is my 2ND year Seniour year of High School at homeschooling that's sceary yes Justine will be a senior as well! I know we all struggle not to beat our selfves over it. I 've been drinking water & 2% milk only whole milk I didn't like its full of fat ewww I hate it anyway. I had no secs at all this past wek just sitting is bout to come an adduction not letting that happen nope. my clothing is a L at this point I lost two sizes in my jackets! was a XXL in my jackets now out of XL's now just in L for my clothes pretty much! yes being a size 11/12 is great! now my goal is size M! for my clothing Pettie's M 10/12 or Misses w'd be nice! my next size for tshrits is size S! . I'm almost there! I'm almost down to a size S/M belts not there yet but will I get more types of excrise in soon I plan to join Vollyball for Speical Olympuiss I want to help encourage others that 've children & teens & young adults older ones that 've no voice they can find it! I can't believe I wore a size XXL or 2XL its horrible my size L makes me feel good being a size XL was annoying me its was annoying. finding out what u did away from home is # 1 important tip to do I 've firuged it out! yes more water. my end of year goal of 2013 is a size S get a n.w North Face Jacket with my own job money I ll be looking sometime when I don't know my jeans at this point size 11/12/ dELiA*s Junior's mini goal size 9/10 end of year goal size 5/6/ or 3/4 yes that = 118-121 lbs! Jessica18.