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From Jessica, Age 18

Ht. 5'3.7", Start: 162 lb, Today: 160 lb, Goal: 118 lb - I 've there being a young teen being overweight/mild obsess that's was horrible either guys don't waste it that's something wish I could take back but I can't u live and learn from ur past mistakes I did lose the w.t. all over my body one time I was either 13-14 years old yes by my 14th birthday stress came into me I was an emoital eater for like bout five-six years. I refused to exrise all the time not a good thing to do I was very addicted to a lot of soda orange soda was the most addictive soda I drank all the time I had very few friends 11 years old was my worse childhood I wish to not 've had Its much different I was a special ed student I hated it I was lied to my last aide lied to me a lot for two half years I was addicted to candy to that horrible program I don't want this gernation of children to be in even they 've nonverbal autism not good its a waste of time & childhood. I gained like 50 lbs that time I was 4'10 or 4'11 . not many of my peers like me anymore they said lies that my aide had said to me I said that's not true I hated myself after that I had my older sister living in Florida she didn't really want to talk to me that much she rather be with the people that never mently grew up from their teenager ways. here I am at that time eleven years old being bullied betrayed deceived. my w.t pilled up to me at fourteen 1/2/ years old I weighed 170's then my worse by my 15th birthday 181-183 lbs that's was the weigh in at the doctor's I was crying my granddad who I talked on the phone to a lot was gone early Oct 09 that's was hard I was 5'0 or 5'1 I was like maybe 25-30 lbs overweight then winter 2010 I was 5'2 I weighed 150's then spring rolled I was 169 lbs I was mild obsess I could barly fit into usual sizes for teen girls my age group at the time I met my friend Justine at the time she was healthy active happy 13 year old young woman I had nobody but people from my P.E. at a christen that is not from my house like 6-10 mins I could barley fit into single dights of clothing anymore I was a size XXL Junior's dELiA*s w'd 've barely fit me I wore XL in my TShrits my belts were holy cow 2XL pants/shorts size 15/17/ = XXL or 19/20/ that's not good for someone like I was half way to being 190's I was harifed of my feature what hit me was seeing how disappointed my male friend James I could sence he wasn't happy I sweated I thought was gonna faint at the time he was 15 I was 14/1/2 I felt horrible of myself I still didn't care bout myself. I barely drank any water really that's was me being lazy. I regret it looking back now at the pics I could say I look horrible I hated pics but now I don't cause my waist is a little bit smaller I was on computer on Fridays like 6-8 hours that's not the way to go guys I eat huge poritons I had a rough childhood life yes that's why its hard to explain it my apsubgers doesn't defind who am I today nope it won't the next two years. I'm writing this so you guys 've questions why I wrote this I want to help the teens on this broad to avoid my mistakes and learn from them please don't eat yourselves to 180's or higher but seeing you guys losing the w.t. and not maintain it makes me more dertamed to keep trying I was discourged but I'm not anymore! I can lose the w.t. all over me again! I still want to fight the habit of getting up late & sleeping late. yup one issue need to fight left and conquer my final goal w.t. is 118-120 yes that would make me a Petite's 2/4 or dELiA's 3/4/ small trust me sweathshirts go by Cup size of the top undergarments. u can guys once the w.t. keeps coming off it won't be just ur tops & bottoms it will be your hands fingers, feet trust me the shoes ur face will be thinner the fat comes off all over the body. think before you eat big portions & drinking a lot of sugery drinks & not excrising and sitting around 6-8 hours fat will pille up on you I don't want for another teen Jessica18.