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From Jessica, Age 17

Ht. 5'3.7", Start: 162 lb, Today: 160 lb, Goal: 118 lb - I'm thinking of doing that app that says 18 or older tomorrow If I can find my darn I pod touch I don't 've an I pad nor a Smart Phone not an I Phone but will get a Smart Phone some time just not sure when at this time. yet small portions I'm doing just getting up and going to sleep on time is a struggle for me since as long I can remember bout 18 years now not quite yet. since Oct 95. yes I'm doing the water thing still doing that trying to keep up with the food servings I'm doing better of not doing secs or thirds or fourths. only one serving half cup of 2% milk half cup Speical K Creal mix it with furit sometimes or by itself. I hope to get down to a size 9/10/ in my dELiA*s clothing yup small mini goals for clothing! I'm going to do 2000 calories from now on starting tomorrow I will be 18 when you turn 18 u 've to change your calories by age, hight body frame, bone type yes sadly I 've the geans of gaining w.t. easily I rather not 've it there is obesty on my grandma's side of the family a lot of bypass sugries Its sickens me a lot my grandma once told me I should get lap band I said no thank you I ll lose the 56 lbs on my own without lap band just an excuse to avoid the all hard work on losing w.t. the natural way I mean its not a good idea but for people who re dangerously obsess sometimes they don't 've a choice at times there is a choice! come on people stop the excuses I mean I under XXL Junior's clothing without lap band my heavest was 181-183 lbs its was bad my final w.t. goals re 118-120 lbs size 5/6/ or 3/4/ Size Small or Medium P Missess or Junior's dELiA*s I was mild obsess before I refushed to let myself get up to 200 lbs or 200+ not even 300 lbs or over 300 lbs. I want you guys to down u can get under XXL Junior's or even 180's! or 170's! I 've water weight now great with my birthday tomorrow I hate that. I don't plan on leaving from this broad small mini goals small mini clothing size Jessica17.