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From Jessica, Age 17

Ht. 5'3.7", Start: 162 lb, Today: 150 lb, Goal: 115 lb - I'm almost a size 9/10 Juniours I can't wait for that! my tops are a L! or M! Faded Glory M! my goodness I'm so happy I can wear a size 11/12 shorts/[pants skirts haven't in four years now! don't give up girls! yes my next minin goal is a size 9/10 Junuours can't wait for that! end of my next mouth 7/8 middle of Jul 5/6 that will be 128 lbs 3/4 115-120 lbs! I will stop at size 3/4 cause I grew half an inch already I was 5.2.3 inches till this year. I was measured wrong at the hospital since I was six years old. almost 5'4 strange. no more of 13/14/ Juniours yay! lost another half an inch I was a 15/16 but that didn't last to long! nope I'm two sizes away from being 7/8 Juniour's! four sizes away from my clothing size goal! 3/4 Juniours! my size XL clothing is to big on me! my faded glory tank tops re to big no matter how I re ajust them! the straps still fall on me well I will 've my mom take the straps in! if it can't be done I will get new ones then, I tired on my usual size 13/14/ Juniours pants size well they were sliding off on me I was happy but I ll 've to exchange them this week at another dELiA's store after my eye exam is done! never give up guys! I don't want to gain that wt back I'm scared of that! when I get to a size 9/10 Juniours! I ll try on my old Old Navy short pants again! hopefully by fall I can buy a size 3/4 Jeans in Juniours! I 've bee doing my makeup! my switmsuit is a size L as well! I'm almost out of double dights in misses & Pettie's women's! man its hard to find weight for Juniours misses or petties or women's its annoying size 7/8 138 5/6 128 3/4 115-120 lbs. 13/14 163-167 lbs. Jessica17.