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From Jessica, Age 17

Ht. 5'3", Start: 162 lb, Today: 171 lb, Goal: 120 lb - For my pettie frame and my bust line bone type once the acess fat on my face is gone I ll reward myself with getting makeup kit!!!! from somwhere not Clarie's cause they won't be selling makup much longer after Christams or when ever size girls 20 goes 143-160 lbs jeans. But once I get to 161 lbs by December I ll be close to 11)12) Juniours just like before!!! want to lose that half inch again!!!!!! I was very sad looking at the girls plus size horse tshrit it was pretty but the darn acess fat my stomach w'd not have fitted how sad is that once I get down to 159 lbs umm I w'd feel good then!!! yes I am into rings now!!! ruby is my brithstone I was born July 1995!!! lurkspur my brith mounth flower as well! my weight gain I worked so hard to get off before dperess me a lot now I have to at times from stores no pretty stuff on my jeans or shrits no anmials on my shrits I am smllar and hight my body frame is differnt then most of the girls I know and meet this year.. I am still under 5"3 unless I grew again. The acess fat on my feet rally uspets me a lot cause I should not acess fat thanks to my lack of excrise now and my old habits of eating... Don't u guya hate when someone says I am fat when they really aren't fat but skinny or helathy weight that drives me crazy at times. Jessica17.