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From zayra, Age 16

Ht. 5'6", Start: 235 lb, Today: 225 lb, Goal: 118 lb - Hi their my names zayra and yes i am obese. I weigh in about 225 less than what i use to weight 235 but my highest was 245 my goal is 118. Well this is my story, When i was a little girl i wasint that fat i was ok for my age. But i had some family problems and well i consoled my self with eating. Food became a habit to me fried food, greasy food, chips, candy, soda anything you name it. So u c i never really learned how to eat healthy at a young age. So as i got bigger i got taller i got fatter and yes the teasing begaN the your so fat jokes began by middle school i was 140-180 i got teased a lot about it but i would fight back i wasint the quiet step all over me type id mouth them right back whenever they said something mean and thats how i got friends really good ones that stick up for me when ever they felt that i was feeling low. so when i got to high school i was about 200-248 i was happy or some my friends thaught you see i always wore a fake face always pretending to smile be happy when i was always really dying a little inside i figured why bother my friends with my problems they deserve to be happy not sad and worried so that's when the drugs happened i felt better when i got high i forgot about being fat about getting teased all of that was gone.....for a vary short momment but i use to say hey its worth it!...when really i was only doing harm to myself and friends and family that really cared about me but now im in the summer of my 10th grade year im going to be in 11th when i get back and i have been doing a lot better i lost weight i dont do drugs anymore and i feel alot better about myself because when i look in the mirror i dont see a fat ugly girl that dosint have a boyfriend or no one cares about her i c a beautiful person with tons of people that care and so this is my story it still hasint ended but i hope that you got some inspiration from me! AND GOOD LUCK WITH YOURT WEIGHT LOSS because if i can do it than so can you.