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From Katie, Age 15

Ht. 5'3", Start: 227 lb, Today: 222.5 lb, Goal: 200 lb - OK so i have a problem....Its the summer and i like to have my friends stay alot....and like on friday i had two friends stay....we went and walked around for alil bit i say we walked around for like 3 1/2 miles....then we came back to my house an ate a bunch of junk and that way i didnt keep my calories....and i felt like crap....then on saturday we slept in till 12 and got up and they ate a bunch of crap while i just ate a brownie and ceral....then we walked with my one frined so she could go home that was 1 1/2 mile and then we came home and that as another 1 1/2 mile.... after my other friend left i ate some chips and hot pockets and stuff b/c i forgot about the i feel like crap now....