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From Wendy, Age 20

Ht. 5'7", Start: 230 lb, Today: 221.5 lb, Goal: 130 lb - 8.5 lbs down and only half-way through week 3 of nutrisystem! I hope to get down another pound and a half this week to make it a ten lb loss so that I get my 10lb nutribear for inspiration with my next shipment! I cannot wait! I still want to make my first month a 15lb month, and then, every month after that about 10lbs, So by the wedding I'm going to, I'll be 185 lbs!!! SO FRICKN" EXCITED! I just have to get my workouts regular. I've pretty much been a couch potato these last three weeks and have lost almost 9lbs, so I can just imagine how much working out every day is going to do for me. I'm thinking- strength training with free weights and speed-walking a bit a day and building up form there. I've always wanted to be able jog comfortably! What does everyone else do for exercise? Also- I've been getting 7 servings of fruits and veggies a day, and staying full on 1200-1300 calories/day! the second week I was hungry a lot, but now, it's awesome. But I still can't wait for my next shipment though because I've eaten a lot of my favorite foods and want more of them (like the pizzas and pancakes :P )