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From Amanda, Age 20

Ht. 5'8", Start: 225 lb, Today: 165 lb, Goal: 158 lb - so last night i "mini-binged" on fruits. (strawberries, grapes, and a bit of watermelon). we had a plate of fruit leftover from my parents and their friends breakfast, so i grabbed it. whats the harm really... i had only eaten 1100 calories, so i had the fruit, and.....some chips =O i know... bad. but it was just the crumbs in the bag. so im guessing i had about 1500 cals yesterday, but thats okay because i worked out this morning for 45 minutes. i was POURING sweat. it was gross, but nice at the same time lol i dont think i should have worked so hard so early because i had to stop half way through the video to relax because i started getting really bad stomach cramps :S i think i just pushed myself too hard. oh well. tomorrow ill take it easier. anyways hope you all are doing great ! good luck and stay focused