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From Reira, Age 16

Ht. 5'5", Start: 172 lb, Today: 139 lb, Goal: 110 lb - I've had a complete epiphany. I feel healthier than I've ever been before! I can't remember ever weighing less than 150 lb since middle school.....I feel renewed, yet still have a long way to go. My biggest weight was 172 two years ago and since then, I've given up the fast-food, fried food, and junk for good. I've become somewhat vegan and trust me, try not to eat beef and substitute it for chicken or even better,'ll be surprised at how much you lose. I've also cut the dairy products (Yes, no more lovable cheese! And instead of regular milk I drink soy or rice milk) and added more fresh fruits and veggies to my meals. I feel more inspired than ever and will continue to lose the pounds so I can fufill my true aspirations of being a musician. I hope others can bring more positivity into their lives, and not be afraid to give up the junk food and try new healthier options that aren't awful. I used to be way too negative and hated myself badly for being "Fat" and "Ugly". I constantly hurt myself with false thinking.....and blamed myself for not being more "thin" and "attractive". It was complete bullcrap. Ladies, don't do this to yourself!! Love yourself!!! It doesn't matter whether you're small, medium, or large boned. Don't give in & don't give up!! :) Always, always, love yourself......remember who you are and never use hate as an excuse. Much much love~~~