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From Dean, Age 16

Ht. 5'1", Start: 420 lb, Today: 420 lb, Goal: 105 lb - Hi, my name is Dean and i am a tad heavy. I started out in 3rd grade weighin about 240 and change. I mean that wasnt bad, i'd say about 15 pounds overwieght then. Then once my best friend told me to back off the cakes and cookies, i lost it. I broke his nose and told his mother, then she said the same thing. After that I went on a eating frennzyy. I have to say i gained about 45 pounds in a range of the season of fall. I felt great, but I know that I was just digging myself deeper in the hole of obesity :(... This cycle repeated until around 6th grade (middle school). It was this time when i found the love of my life, Zoey from the hit TV show Zoey 101. I wrote her letters everyday, telling her that I was 6'1'' and 150lbs. I was at this point, living in a fantasy world. Then my mother told me that I would never have a chance with her, so I decided to become anerexic. I tried for 2 days, but it was twinki tourture. So the next day I went to an all you could eat buffet, just outside of the town I was living in. I ate so much I had to get my stomach pumped. Until this day, I have been doing this, and became a regular at the buffet. I love food, but need help. Any Advice? :/