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From Sara, Age 15

Start: 350 lb, Today: 330 lb - Hi my name is Sara and im 15 yrs old. Some of you know me but most of you probably dont. I'm writing 2 u guys because i need help very badly. Im not saying this was completely out of my control but obesity runs in my dads family and I weigh 330 lbs (ive lost 20 already). I dont understand why i am so big because i was always so active in school sports and i exercise, and i dont eat very much junk at all, but ive always struggled. Friends arent a problem but most of them are under 170 lbs at least so they cant really gimme good advice on what to do. Ive been going to a dietician (and been keeping it a secret) and its helped some but he said that i need more fruit and vegatables but its hard to find something good in winter ya kno? does ne one know where i can get some good smoothie recipes? its help alot! also, i need some good exercises because i do exercise but just walking/running gets old FAST lol so someone please help me im sick of being like this and id do ne thing to be able to wear jeans from ne where and be able to shop at ne designer store i want and not just basically AE, old navy, and the gap. but like i said if u kno ne good exercises or smoothie recipes or just wanna talk please reply to me! -Sara-