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From Taylor, Age 14

today in class we switched seats. I was close to my friends, so we started throwing notes. Jamie was saying somethin and mouthed my name. i though they were gonna just try to embarass me (we do that to eachother.) Lyuba (it's a russian name) wrote something and let Reyna and Jamie read it, I knew they were gonna do somethin, so i wanted to know, I had to (yes, kinda nosy.) Anywayz, Lyuba rushed out of class to catch up with her boyfriend, so i asked jamie and reyna what she said. "Do you really want to know?" asked reyna."yes i do." i said."It might hurt your fellings, what lyuba wrote." jamie said."I don't care. Lemme see." i said.Ok, it said:Jamie: Have you noticed where taylor sits?? She got stuck with all the fat people!!Reyna: I know!!! I feel bad, she don't even like them.Lyuba: You guys, she kinda fits in. She's a little on the chubby side.I was shocked. I hid my hurt and embarassment. They said "we're already gettin back at lyuba. We did yesterday and we are again today."I wanted to cry, but i didn't. Jamie dissed herself to make me feel better, but i forgot what she said. Juss because lyuba is a size 0 and i'm a 13, that's why she said it. I look like a 11, but it don't matter. I was gonna tell my friends about my losin weight, but i didn't, i was too embarassed.