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From amy, Age 14

Ht. 5'5", Today: 10 st 0, Goal: 8 st 7 - HI, my name is Amy. And I live in England!!!!!!I "HATE" my body; I am 5 foot 5 inches tall (which is approx. 170cm) I weigh 10 STONE (which is 65kg)And I wear a size 12 clothes, in England. In europeon sizes it is a size 40.I want to weigh about 8 to 8 1/2 stone, which will be healthy weight for my body build. And I want to wear a size 8/10 clothes.I have been on almost every "fad" diet there is, but I have seen no result.Today I woke up and said I will start a healthy food diet, I am going to try and not eat fatty and surgery foods.The only trouble is, is that I read on this website that most teens loose their weight by excising and running 2 miles aday.etc. I am not very good at exercising, so I don’t no what to do!!!!!I do like excising but it has to be fun, I would love to loose 2 STONE by summer, which is in about 4months time.So if anyone out there has any successful tips they would like to share with me, please, email me at "amielouise789@aol.com" or add me to msn and we can chat.Also I have a sponsored charity run in 6weeks and I need to jog/run for 8 miles. Can anyone give me advice to how to keep going and not be out of breath?Please reply to me bcos I need HELP!!!!!!!Luv ya allAmyP.S.This website is great.All of u on this website are great, I love reading Ur success stories it really does inspire me.