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From Shaida, Age 14

Start: 180 lb - Hi, I am 14 and the last time I weighed myself I was 180lbs. (this was 3 months ago and my friend, her dad, and I were at the gym.) I almost cried when I learned i was heavier than her dad. Anyway, ever since then, I've been struggling to lose the weight. I never realized I was so heavy, because I can shop and fit into "normal" clothes at places like Wet Seal and Forever 21. I think I have lost some weight since then, but the thing I'm struggling with most is the food I eat. I cannot control what I eat, like just today, I woke up and ate 4 pieces of toast. Not more then an hour and a half later, my sister (who is skinny) had McDonald's and I made myself some french fries (bcause she had some and i WANTED some.)Then I ate a bowl of cereal. It's weird cause I know what I'm doing, but I say to myself "who cares I'm still gonna be fat anyway" but I don't WANT to be this way. So does anyone have any tips on how I can control myself. I already spent $15 bucks on this book last year, and it had the same suggestions that this website has, but I think I just need some motivation or something. PLEASE HELP! (Sorry I wrote so much!)