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From misty, Age 12

Ht. 5'0", Today: 174 lb - hey hey. i am 12 years old and 5 ft and weight 174! i feel so fat and i jsut started yoga like yesterday and trust me its way harder then it looks! i am dissapointed in my self because i am having trouble doing the excersizes but its suppost to spead up my metabolisym. i am being honest i only eat now 1000 calories a day! and today i only ate 600! and im actualy staying the same weight if not gaining! i hate myself i really realy want to lose weight before school becaue this girl is gonna be in my class that i know and she makes fun of me sooooooo much and shes freinds with all these boys and the one boy likes me i dunno if he still does and shes prolly gonna tell him about gym and stuff. becaue in gym i can only do 4 curl ups and no push ups. please help me im so scared. im thinking about getting home schooled. and oh yeah im reli pissed because chelsea keeps saying she will email me with this shakes web site that she said made her lose 8 pounds in 3 days but she never did. she kept telling me to meet her and stuff. so if you talk to her tell her im pised ..lol