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From MelissA, Age 13

Start: 150 lb, Today: 172 lb - Hi! Ok, this is a long one so bare with me--I weighed myself about 6 days ago, and I was 150lbs, today I weighed myself, and I'm 172lbs. I cannot beleive I gained so much weight in that amount of time! About 2-3 days ago, I kinda realized I was gaining weight, but I never knew it was so much!! I was sitting down to dinner with my family, half way through eatting, 2 of my buttons popped off my shirt!! My whole family was in fits of laughing! My mom said, Oh My God your blowing up like a balloon, then my bro poked me and said, lets pop the balloon. That really hurt me! And then yesterday was one of the most embarrising days of my life! I was in a shop trying these new pants(jeans). When I went to close the button, it wouldn't close and I kept trying and trying and eventually it broke! I had to go up to the counter and pay for them! Everyone is noticing I've gained alot of weight and I'm gettin things said to me like Wow what happened and did you eat the supermarket! Please please PLEASE reply to me and give me your thoughts and advice, thanks. xox