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From whitney, Age 15

Today: 230 lb - hey gurls i know how u feel i am bout the 230 and it hurts to be called names and being moked n stead of havin just a weight problem i have lotsa of othere stuff goin along with it! i have flat feet wich makes it hard to exersize and do the things i want to do!! i hve had bout 6 feet operations already.. I hate myself and i feel like killing my self some times too!! Depression runs in my family so its twice as bad!! i hate it and i was a morman and i wonder if there really is a god why would he do sumthing so painfull to overweight teens every day i wonder why me!! i have always looked at my self and didnt really see that i was over weight and if kids hadnt made fn of me i wouldnt even care.. but there arnt alot of nice people in this world when it comes to fat people. its also hard to fit in because u cant find your size in clothes and u alway get dipressed when u go cltohes shopping. i could go on and on but i dont feel like it so i was just gonna say that i have tryed tonsa diets and they never helped theyjust make u more dipressed and unhappy i have tried pills also same thing happens we have considerd surgery but im too young s on oct 4 ima go to see a personal trainer to try to see if i can loose weight there at the gym... its gonna cost 300 dollars but my dad dosnt care he wants to help me. my big bro was fatter than me he was bout 250 and he went to the gym every day and now he is alot skinnyer than me and he lost it in a few weeks. the personal trainer said that u can loose 4% of ur body fat if u work at the gym for 6 weeks. my dad says its about 30 pounds so i want to try it out!!!! and i pray to god it works so i will note u back or or add me to ur hotmail @ sparkal_gurl@hotmail.com or aol at ltlangelchik i want some other peoples e-mails or instant messengers so i can tal to people about it!!