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From christen, Age 15

Today: 192 lb, Goal: 150 lb - I remember when i was in 3rd grade and our teacher would weigh the students in front of the class and it would be my turn. i was the biggest kid in class and everyone would laugh at me. i was 9 years old and already 100 lbs. i remember i wouldn't eat at lunch. i remember each year after that i swore to myself and to my family i was not going to be fat anymore. i was going to change and become smaller no matter how hard it was. 6yrs later i am 15 and weigh 192 lbs. i don't know when i started gaining weight. i suppose it was when i started school. guess i could sue them huh? out of all my friends i am the fattest. i am in ap(advanced placement) classes and have a diverse personality and i get along with anyone who gives me a chance. but you see i am 15 almost 16 and i am becoming a young woman and i am starting to want that other person in my life to complete me, however guys today only want 36-24-36 and that is not me.I have tried slim fast, weight watchers, atkins, no sugar diets, no carb diets, vegtable diets, exercise and nothing seems to work. i know i have a slow metabolism and therefore i must excercise double but i should have seen some results right? i know i am very muscular and big framed for a girl but i still have fat in parts of my body(stomach, inner thigh,under my upper arm) and i am not sure why that won't go away. i would like to loose 40 lbs and be around 150, and go from wearing size 16/18 to 11/13 if possible, so i am asking any one who has lost a significant amount of weight and knows they can help me please reply to this or email me @ ciciangel06@netscape.net. thank you for reading my story and possibly helping me. i can't do this without help!