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From Danielle, Age 16

god im so frustrated.i was doing so good....i was so heavy ..well i still am.but a couple months ago i was 259 and iv been working really hard..though its not alot i got down to 242 and i was happy.now all of a sudden its like my diets not working.and now iv gone up to 248 its really frustrating and now i see myself as so so much bigger then i was..i hate all this.and it seems my confidence is going way down hill..for example this guy that im like .totally inlove with..i want to tell him that im into him..but i feel just b/c im heavy hed blow me off...i am heavy..but i dont LOOK as big as i really am..i guess its the way i hold my weight or wat ever.but i still look big...i dont know wat to do...its getting really frustrating..and like..i wish that there was something about me a guy wud like...im not ugly or HUGE looking.but..i dunno talk to you all later