From susan, Age 19 - 12/08/02 - IP#:  Click here to reply  
Goal: 110 lb - Hi everyone.I try every thing to lose weight but nothing work i dont have time to walk because work and when i get home its cold outside i really want to lose weight this summer everytime i look in the mirror i keep telling my self that i am fat if any one know a good example to lose weight fast i want to be about 110lbs if anyone can give me idea please email me at because i keep getting depress about it i need someone to talk to about loseing weight
Reply from denise, Age 16 - 12/10/02  - IP#:
im 16 and i feel the same way...we can talk about it to each other if u want i know i would !!..heres ny screen name
Reply from kortney, Age 17 - 12/09/02  - IP#:
hey whast up i know how yeah feel, some days i dont even want to get out of bed because of my weight do you aol instant messinger so we can talk to encourage eachother like you fell the need to eat just email me and that will take your mind off of it and if its i i will do the same thing just email be at