From Kolleen, Age 13 - 03/20/03 - IP#:  Click here to reply  
Today: 130 lb, Goal: 110 lb - Hey i am 13/f 130 lbs... i really hope to lose.. 30 lbs... at least 20 but i hope 30 by summer.. i want to look good in a bathin suit... i hate lookin in mirros ... or gettin on a scale...cause i hate lookin at the numbers... and i am scared it is going to be really high like it is now ... SOMEONE PLEASE POST A MESSAGE TO REPLY and to HELP ME thanks
Reply from *goodgirl*, Age 13 - 03/20/03  - IP#:
kolleen just excersice and eat right than u will lose weight i lost 50 pounds and i know u can do it!