From no name, Age 11 - 04/19/03 - IP#:  Click here to reply  
Today: 408 lb - I'm really fat!! I weigh 408 pounds and I have to get clothes made for myself!!!! I want to die. People make fun of me and I just keep on eating and eating and eating!!!! HELP ME!
Reply from Anthony, Age 15 - 04/21/03  - IP#:
Dear person,
Don't feel down. That will just leed you to fater foods. Trust I should know. When I was in the 3rd grade my aunt die. Back then I weighed in 52lbs. then just a month later 76lbs. Because I got so depressed and I throght Food was the #1 key, but I was wrong.
Now I'm 15 years old and weight in 274.5. Yes I know you weight alot more then me. But I have some good way for you to lose weight. One- Do 20 situps. Two times a day. Two- Exercise to your fav. music and make sure you have some fast music because lose more weight that way. Three- No sweets, 1 slice of bread,1 soda pop, and no going off the diet.
Good luck,
Anthony Mounts
Reply from sara, Age 13 - 04/20/03  - IP#:
i think about sucide a lot but when i do i think about wat i am living 4
Reply from michelle, Age 14 - 04/19/03  - IP#:
hey....the worst thing you could do is feel sorry for yourself....i know it's really hard with the about mom is just as big and my other sister is over 400 lbs too.... all of us have to deal with it...i have one thing to tell you....if you try to lose weight....dont to it for the other it for yourself....good luck with everything and your not alone....
Reply from Todd, Age 13 - 04/19/03  - IP#:
Hi.I have a few tips for you to help you:
1)Don't give up hope in yourself. Anything is possible if u really set ur mind 2 it.
2)Don't listen 2 what other people say. It may be hard (I know), but we here care about you, know just how you feel, and really couldn't give a **** what you look like.
3)Try not to get too down. I eat when Im depressed, and thats probably the same for u.
4)Whenever u have a craving, here's what I do: mix about a teaspoon of lemon juice (maybe less) with a large glass of water. Its a way to trick ur stomach to think that u are full.
5)Talk to your parents and get them to let u talk to a doctor. Your doctor should be able to give u a lot more advice and help u a lot more than I can.
Hope I helped.---Todd---
Reply from Soua, Age 18 - 04/19/03  - IP#:
hey there i know it hard to loss weight. i'm still trying and i know how you feel. it hard and it even hard when we don't try. but always know that there is always someone out there that know how you feel and that you are not alone in this because there are people who know what you are going through and always remember that you are love every where you go now matter what size or shape you are.
Reply from kalley, Age 13 - 04/19/03  - IP#:
hey sweetie, i understand your problem, food is my best friend. IM also trying to lose weight. its very very very hard. easter is coming up and im already getting "chocolatly". You should talk to your docter maybe get on adiet pill in which will give you energy to excersize. im 13 im 5'4 and i weigh 127, i want to weigh 110. If you need any help any at all, feel free to post and il reply to u. Good luck, and remember the key is consistancy, dont give up!!! love Kalley.
Reply from Shayna, Age 11 - 04/19/03  - IP#:
Hey, i'm 11 too and i weigh 110 lbs. I want to loose some weight. We could be like budies if you want!
Reply from megal j, Age 13 - 04/19/03  - IP#:
hi, tell your mum and dad that you feel bad and also go to a doctor about it! dont worry u can beat this! luv megan j ps can u please reply to my problem below yours? thanks!