From James, Age 12 - 04/29/03 - IP#:  Click here to reply  
Ht. 5'0", Today: 124 lb (BMI %tile: 94) - Hi,I'm James I'm 12 and in 6th grade i came to this board becuase I'm fat and i want to be normal and skinny! How can i do this! I'm 124 and onyl 12! and 5 Feet tall! I feel like running off a bridge or just try to cut it all off! I've tryed runnign a lot and all that i just need to know a fast way! I'm so depressed and cry everyday!
Reply from Kelsey, Age 14 - 05/01/03  - IP#:
I agree totally with lena and Joe, They are both saying the right things, and its true, you always have friends here.
Reply from Lena, Age 15 - 05/01/03  - IP#:
Hey James! I read this post once before, but until yesterday I didn't know who you were, and I didn't know u really felt THIS way. Since we already talked yesterday, just remember that exercise is very important so stay active. Also try to eat portions that are equal to your activity level, (read the articles, "Weight Control Tips", "Why Do You Become Overweight?", and "What is Healthy Eating?" in the school area of, it's the picture of the school house on the main page of this website, and pay close attention to the food pyramid!). Anyway, I think you are a really great kid, and personally if you decided to "cut it all off" as you say, I'd miss ya! ; ) Also, you should remember, just as Joe said, there is no fast way, welll at least there is no fast HEALTHY way. It's going to take time, so you have to be sure that you are really ready for it. If you want to lose weight, and you think it's time for a change no matter how long it takes as long as you get there, then you are ready. If you are just looking for a quick fix cuz the kids at school make fun of you, or because you're upset that you can't keep up and you just wanna lose weight RIGHT now to prove something, then you probably aren't ready for what losing weight really takes, and maybe you'll need some more time before you decide to take on such a long-term responsilbility. Other than that, James, if you are ready, then you have a lot of friends and supporters here and we believe you can do it! Don't give up, James!
Reply from tess, Age 13 - 05/01/03  - IP#:
don't feel so bad. we think ur a great person and we know you can do it. i am also overweight but am taking control, heres a trick, tell yourself u will and ur body will do it for you, eat less than 800 cals a day and after you eat walk somewhere and hang out for a while than walk back. don't run. and i understand b\c i was the same way just 3 wks ago you can do it! i believe in u!!! if u want more tips e me at
Reply from lena, Age 13 - 05/01/03  - IP#:
hey james. all you gotta do is exercise! walk and then eat less and make ur biggest meal lunch or breakfast. if you have a sorta nawwing feeling go to bed with it and that nawwing feeling will eat ub all the fat. also eat grapes oranges and bananas in stead of a huge meal!!! ;) ;) :) :) :) ;) ;)
Reply from Joe, Age 17 - 04/29/03  - IP#:
hey there! i weighed 174! in 6th grade! i'm a sophomore now and have lost 35 lbs by eating correctly, extersizing, and living life! don't allow yourself to become wraped up in such a thing. you are beautiful, and Jesus loves you! ask him for help, not to loose weight, but to obtain joy! i'm secerious!... oh yea, and weight loss takes time no matter what you just need to make a plan, and STICK W/ IT! though you wanna give up! don't! ~joe