From Bethany, Age 12 - 05/28/03 - IP#:  Click here to reply  
Today: 300 lb - Please someone help me! I am 300 pounds and I'm only twelve. I can't fit in anything. I hate it! My mom is so ashamed of me she just avoids me because I am SO fat. My dad makes remarks under his breath like "i can't believe she's MY daughter." I can't stop eating, I've had 4 pieces of pizza and two cupcakes already. I can't stop . I've tried dieting but it always turns out the same I diet then see somthing tasty and I get to the eating. I've tried swimming but I can't do one measly lap running is like the worst. You have to help me I have no friends at school, even the teachers are kind of mean. I dread gym I get teased until my head spins. Nobody else in my WHOLE family is fat except for me. Please reply to this message or e-mail me at
Reply from Renee, Age 18 - 06/12/03  - IP#:
If you can't stop eating....walk,walk, walk...wallk until you can't walk no more. do this every single day. walking is the easiest exercise. instead of taking elevators use the stairs. Instead of riding in a car, walk to places. Every little thing helps.
Reply from Karen, Age 14 - 06/01/03  - IP#:
Ur parents SUCK! im sorry if that offended you in any way but thats what i truly feel!!! My mom wouldnt dare make fun of me EVER! my grandma used to make fun of her when she was little... and now she is all self conches (or however u spell that) about the most stupidist little things!! so she learned from that. Ur parents seriously need counciling!!!!!!!u know what... if ur parents say that... maybe they dont deserve to be ur parents at all!!!! dont worry about the teachers! pretty much all teachers are like that....well that i know of. i know its hard but u really gotta try to stay on a good diet! im gonna TRY to become a vegeterian starting tomorrow....and not eating so much!!! well good luck oK!!!!!!!!!!
Reply from Rebecca, Age 13 - 06/01/03  - IP#:
Hi I am 13 and weigh 215 Ibs. I dropped out of school cause I'm fat. I try to eat right but It's my parents who buy the food not me. So what I do is every night before bed I do 30 push-ups I also cut down on food like at dinner instead of 2 plates I eat 1 plate. My friend lost 90 Ibs from just exercizing and staying on a set diet, then she picks a certain day of the week and pigs out on that day, It was hard at first but it works It takes time but till then have confadece in yourself. I wish you the best of luck
Reply from Conrad, Age 16 - 05/31/03  - IP#:
Cheer up! Summer will be here before you know it, this will give you a great oppertunity to get outside and enjoy the great outdoors by going for walks, jogs, bike rides and even playing a favourite sport. That's what I do in the summer and I always enjoy it. Remember that you should eat lots of healthy foods (Preferably fruits, vegetables, milk products and lean meats) and stay away from fried foods and foods with lots of calories and high fat. And, if your parents make rude comments to you, then you should say "You know, being my parents and all, you guys should be a little more supportive and actually want to help me lose weight instead of putting me down and making me feel bad because it is going to make things worse, not better for me" Remember, losing weight does take time, but if you put your mind to it, then you can achieve anything and you will be satisfied with your results in the end! Good Luck!
Reply from Bethany, Age 12 - 05/29/03  - IP#:
Thank you very much e-mail me!
Reply from ? - 05/29/03  - IP#:
Tell your parents that if they make cruel remarks like that to stop being so biased, and it doesn't tell a person's character by their personality, and if they are going to be like that, then they might as well go out and say a certain race is really bad-it's the same thing. You don't deserve to be made fun of by your parents[!].
Reply from Ray Ray, Age 12 - 05/28/03  - IP#:
I know EXACTLY what you are talking about...the comments from your parents, dreading gym, not being able to stay on diets. I am also 12. Email me if you want to talk. My email is By the way I'm 5'6 230 pounds.
Reply from Ryne, Age 13 - 05/28/03  - IP#:
Hi Bethany. My name is Ryne and I'm overwieght also but I'm doing something about it. About 5 or 6 weeks ago I weighed 245 pounds. Now I weigha little less than 205 pounds. I want to get down to 175. Well, I was getting rude things said to me also until finally I decided to do something about it and lose weight. I go to the gym most of the week and work out. Here is my work out: Bicycle/2 sets of 15 minutes...stride machine/2 sets of 15 minutes....and i do some of the machines. If you can't get to a gym then here's what i would do...Walk one day for about 10 minutes and everyday raise the time a little bit until you get to 30 minutes. When you eat, eat grilled foods instead of fried. Don't eat salty foods. Drink water instead of coke. Eat vegetables and fruit. I know this sounds hard and it is for the first week or so but it worked for me. I can resist fatty foods now and i feel good about myself. Please try this...i know if you stick to it then you'll notice your losing and once you start losing, you'll feel better and you'll keep going. And don't let anyone bring you down b/c they aren't any better. Good luck