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Today: 215 lb - Hi I'm 13 and weigh 215 I promised myself I would kill myself if I got to be 220. I dropped out of school because of my fatness I don't have any friends and I'm miserable. I've tried to loss weight and eat healthyer but my parents buy the food not me so I don't have a any choice but to eat what they buy. What do you think I should do????????? My e-mail addy is
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hey you can do it!!!just eat right you will do fine!!!
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dont kill urself... if ur mom buys food 4 u make her a list of LOWFAT food or light foods that YOU want... u can jus eat alot more veggies n fruits than u do fatty foods n drink a lot of water even if she wont buy the foods you want if u wanna email me my email is or im on alo IM a lot n my sn is fashungurly
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Reply from Karen, Age 14 - 06/02/03  - IP#:
Just ask your parents to buy healthier foods! Thats what my mom did... and now I'm eating a LITTLE more healthier.