From Tianna, Age 12 - 06/02/03 - IP#:  Click here to reply  
Ht. 5'0", Today: 156 lb (BMI %tile: 98) - hi you u know how tough it is to go to a school wit alot of skinny,pretty,girls and you being and ugly,fat,girl who is known very well but look im sick of being the fat girl in my group of friends my friend Krystal is skinny SANTANA is skinny Camika is skinny and i have 20 people in the group and out of all of them im the one you notice first wanna know why?? because im a fat 12 ill be 13 august 12th im 5 feet and i weigh 156...i try to diet but all my mom cooks is Puerto Rican food and i try to diet but it smells so good....she will never stop making that food because i have a scronny 4 year old brother he weighs 40 pounds and hes muscular..and alot of fat peoples in my house maybe like 2 more fat people and my aunt is like 140 and shes 5'3 shes pretty,my great aunt is big but she nice and da rest of the people call me big and stuff and check it out i wear a size 7 in jeans and medium shirts . i have alot of friends but im so sick of being fat i have a round belly but im not wide i asked my mom am i obese and she told me no...she tells me im beautiful and so dont alot of people but when i look at myself i think what an ugly little girl i am so ashamed.
Reply from Chrissy, Age 15 - 06/03/03  - IP#:
Hey try not to ever be ashamed of yourself. talk to your mom about your problems and tell her that you really want to lose weight. maybe then she will cook the right things you need to accomplish your goals. if she won't cook what you want her to, then tell her you want to start fixing your own meals. Walking is a great way to exercise. but really ask your mom to help you because you cant do it by yourself. good luck!