From James, Age 16 - 08/01/03 - IP#:  Click here to reply  
I never notice dhow fat i got until today when one of my girlfriends friends told me that my girlfriend was saying that i had gotten fat and that i was a bit on the heavy side ,well i need to lose 32 pounds to be at my ideal weight , but i have really let myself go , i have gotten very fat , please help me
Reply from Sarah, Age 14 - 08/03/03  - IP#:
Hey James! I know how hurtful other people's negative comments can be. But you should only lose weight if you want to and if you think it would make you feel better. You should never lose weight to please someone else and most likely it will be extremely difficult if it's not something that you personally wish to achieve. If you are truly interested I'd be more than happy to help..By the way what are your stats? Current height weight etc.?
Reply from shelly, Age 14 - 08/01/03  - IP#:
1) just try eating healthier and exercisng more. maybe you oculd join ur skools track team or osmething(?) i know guys dont lik diets too much!
2) how come ur weight only became a problem wen your girlmate sed sumthing? were u happy ayway or r u afraid ur girlfriend might dump u?i know its none of business but dont change urslef fro anyone else, it doesnt work lik that. if u want to shape up neway, goodluck!