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uggghhhh- i cant deal with these cravings! everyday at four, without fail i break my diet! any suggestions? im leaving tommorow so pls reply quickly because i don't want to stuff my face on vacation!thanx
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Hey~ Wen u crave....... chew sum minty gum and that might help cut sum cravings. I works 4 me. I hope it helps u 2.
Reply from sarah, Age 14 - 08/06/03  - IP#:
well make sure u are doing something at four and maybe u wont get the craving cuz a craving is just a mental thing that is telling ur body to eat when u arent hungry an to break that u need to be doing something at 4 and then see if u get it u might but u need to ask urself do i want to pay the price of eating this candy the price is getting fat and say to urself could i have a carrot and pay the price of being healthy think bout that. I hope i helped