From robin, Age 13 - 08/18/03 - IP#:  Click here to reply  
Ht. 5'9", Today: 150 lb (BMI %tile: 81) - why is it that someone wont like someone becasue the way they lo0k? i mean isnt it supposed to be about the personality, intellagence , and humor? i mean i am kinda hipocritacal about this but when i get to kno someone even if they are "ugly" or "fat" i get over that because of their personalites. i hate wen i hear from my guy friends that wow that gurl is hott i should get with her .... i mean they dont even kno if the chik is the meanest girl in the world! they are so0 sterotipical !! well , sumtimes ill be like wow that guy is hott .... go talk to him .... N get to know him and something like smoking makes him ugly ..... i mean a guy wouldnt care if u smoked if u were "hott" ..... is it only me that noticed this ? also, i am like 5 9 N 150ish i have a few extra lbz here N there but im not obice .... ppl r mean and i was in a fast fo0d resteraunt and i walked by these two preppy skinny chickz and i overheard them ... they were sitting there cappin on fat ppl .... i was appauled ! then they sed lo0k at that one ... they didnt point but i knew they were talkin bout me ! agh well i wrote enough .... now i feel better because maybe someone will answer back with some of there input on this subject! thankz a bunch yall! much luv! out
Reply from brittany, Age 14 - 08/21/04  - IP#:
hi robin this si brittany and i have guy friends to and they talk about how this one girl is so hot and i get mad about that kind of stuff they just dont understand . dont let anybody bring you down. let you be yourself and dony fell so self-coutious about everything you know. let people ecept you for who you are and dont let noone bring you down. well i ahve to go but remember you are beautiful and always rem. if you think your fat then exersice a little bit and just get fit ok i will talk toy ou soom but write to me and we can talk ok take care buh bye
Reply from anne, Age 16 - 08/18/03  - IP#:
yeah- some people are really shallow on the outside sometimes- especially in school- but a lot of their coments are because of the pressures of the people they've stuck to. but you can overcome that by setting a better example and umcomforming to the public eye. be yourself and there are other people that have the same veiw so just stick up for yourself and others- i really believe in it also and i allow it to show and to not be intimited by my peirs. i lose weight for myself, my body's not comfortable the way it is- i have a wonderful boyfriend who loves me no matter how i look and i know that i can just be myself- so just surround yourse;f with those types of people...
Reply from Arianna, Age 14 - 08/18/03  - IP#:
Some people just know what type of girl they want. Everyone has different prefrences and for some looks come first and personality second. As long as you keep yourself well groomed and presentable a good should like you for you.