From mark, Age 14 - 08/26/03 - IP#:  Click here to reply  
well i went back to school and everyone wuz staring at me cuz i a put on like 16lbs over the summer all of my friends aren't talking to me, and a couple of people said i wuz really FAT HELP
Reply from Dave, Age 13 - 09/02/03  - IP#:
if those people were your friends, they wouldnt be mean to u about it...last year i went to school 30 lbs heavier and none of my friends cared
Reply from patrick, Age 12 - 08/31/03  - IP#:
why would your friends not talk to you if you just gained weight? my friends are still talking to me, and i gained weight over the summer too.
Reply from Georgina, Age 15 - 08/26/03  - IP#:
I sympathise with your weight gain but are you sure you are being realistic - I doubt your friends would stop talking to you just cos you gained weight. Why would that make them want to stop talking to you? I'm sure at the beginning of a new school year they have more important things to get stressed about than your weight!!! Maybe you have upset them or you were so embarrassed about the gain that you were not being friendly!