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Start: 317 lb, Today: 295 lb - Hi allIm 17 years old ill be 18 in ten days and ive been overweight since I was like 3 or 4 my highest weight last year was 317 and my current weight is about 295 I started a diet yesterday and in the diet you can eat whatver you want as long as you drink 16 glasses of water 16 ounces a pieceim telling you ive been going to the bathroom like crazy but I have more energy and im not as tiredI found out about this diet from my mom who knows a lady at work who went on the diet 2 years ago starting at a size 32 in womens and in 1 and 1/2 years she went down to a size 10 and is maintaning it by decreasing her water to 10 16 oz glasses a day because shes tall like me and dosent want to look underweightso yea she had seen the diet on one of the talk shows about 2 years ago and the women who had lost alot of weight of the talk show held up her jeans and they were huge so i guess that gave her motivation and she gave me motivationsince losing all the weight people have bought her all types of expensive gifts because the diet worked for themwell if it works for me im gonna buy her something real nice does anyone wanna try the diet with me for a couple of weeks and see what happens?
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oh yea!!! i am gonna try that diet and also combine it with dat gurls post about doing crunches ect, and i will eat a third of wut i normally eat but i go to scool and i cant do it like that because they dont allow ater bottls in the classes or let us go to the water fountain all the time....i will do it at home and on the weekends i guess.and thanx,good luck!
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Sure I'll try it 16 of 16 got it is that all? e-mail me
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Okay...16 glasses of water, and 16 ounces on each glass is a bit to much. But I guess if that works then thats cool.
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