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Today: 140 lb - hey peeps, well firstly i have decided that i have to LOSE weight!! i weigh around 140lbs and i have felt overweight for a long time. I'll wake up in the morning amd tell myself im going to diet and i will do really well all day until i get in from school where it all goes downhill and i start snacking on all the junk food in the hose. If there isnt any junk food i will go to the shop and buy some. I know its bad but its like i cant stop! The worst thing happened today. I walked into the living room and my seven year old cousin was there. He started laughing and muttered something and my dad asked him what he said. He then started laughing even more and said " i said that emma looks fat" i didnt know what to say, i was just in shock!! i felt like crying. My dad pretended he hadnt heard him and my mum walked out of the room. I was so embarrased that i just walked straight out of the room myself and didnt go back in all day. Im going to try this new diet where you can lose up to a stone in a month! have u got ne gud website i cud try for sum exercise routines or sumthin? i get up @ around 7.30am everyday but i am going to start getting up at 7am and doing twenty minutes exercise evry morning before my shower!! also i heard dancing is good exercise?? do u think i cud tone up by doing half an hours dancing when i come in from skool on top of the exercise in the morning?? plz help, its getting me really depressed!! SORRY ITS SO LONG!!! love emma x x
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eek! my e-mail address expired or something. So e-mail me at don't laugh. it was my first e-mail address and i was in 4th grade.
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I am the same weight as you do you want to be by diet buddy? The same thing happened to me and I was so embarassed. I feel for ya. You can e-mail me at