From Destinee, Age 12 - 10/07/12 - IP#:  Click here to reply  
Ht. 5'7", Start: 142 lb, Today: 142 lb (BMI %tile: 85), Goal: 125 lb - I feel so horrible about my weight. Last time I was weighed in I was 142 and it's still considered overweight. I was like but i lost 14 lbs! Today's weight isn't accurate because I think I gained more. :( I wear an 11 in pants which means I dropped a pants size. When it first happened I was so enthusiastic about it. But it seems like i can't go any lower. I haven't been shopping lately but my 11 pants feel big, but I mostly wear Arizona so I'm scared to try anything else. I wish I could be in a 3 or a 5 like my friends. Please try to motivate me!!!!!
Reply from catherine, Age 12 - 08/21/13  - IP#:
dont feel that way! you don't deserve to feel that way! my goodness, you are doing great losing that weight. dont expect to be losing all the weight at once. you did a really good job at dropping that pants size and the weight. your body burns less calories a day the lighter you are so, if you want to lose more weight you have to eat a bit less and excersie a bit more. that extra bit of excercise should really help. try and get motivated by finding a sport or an activity that keeps you moving. i always play basketball at my local park when i have to excerise. you can try that or bring a soccer ball out to the park and play outside with friends or a sibling you can even go bare foot and play in the grass. everything goes really, whatever works for you. you can search up some ideas on google. stay active and get outside.
Reply from Grace, Age 15 - 04/22/13  - IP#:
It is easy to embrace the bad but you need to focus on the point that you lost a pant size!!!! Good job you should feel good about that
Reply from Maya, Age 12 - 11/21/12  - IP#:
I`m overweight too. With a size 6 jeans but...I weight 143lb, and am only 5`2 bordering 5`3. I hate it when I look at a picture and realize how fat I really am. I look completely different in the mirror and even doctors are shocked at 143lbs. They thoughts I was 123-126lbs cause I swim and am very muscular. However I`m huge... But don`t loose hope. Sometimes even if you gain weight you lose sizes naturally, or if you lose weight sometimes you lose but dont lose clothing sizes. This summer, in July I went from a size 10 to a size 6 in jeans. I still stayed in size 10 shirts but now I`m narrowing towards size 8. It`s natural don`t worry your only 12.