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Ht. 5'6", Start: 143.6 lb, Today: 143.6 lb (BMI %tile: 92), Goal: 130 lb - hello everybody my name is adjowa and when i go to the store i just cannot fit in any clothes so could u pleeese give me some advice pleeese.
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It sounds like you really want to make a now it's time to take some steps toward that goal. To start off, you should pick a very short term goal, like losing 1 pound by the end of this week. Now, you need to decide what you're going to do to lose that pound. Pick something realistic that you will be able to stick to. I usually suggest cutting out soda & juice & drinking only water. It's a quick & easy way to cut out a lot of calories & water helps to cleanse your system & speed up your meatbolism. As for exercise, I usually suggest to just start walking. No need to tell yourself you're going to start running 3 miles just doesn't work that way, you won't do it. Start by walking for 30 minutes everyday. As you get better & used to it, you'll naturally want to start walking longer & faster. Another easy change to make is to pick the healthy option of things you're already eating - if you use 2% milk, switch to skim...if you eat chips, switch to baked, if you eat ice cream, switch to frozen yogurt. Ideally, you'll eventually like to cut down on all of those items but for now, making those changes WILL allow for weight loss. The most important thing is to really remember how badly you want this, because in the end, that is what is going to get you through the entire process. & one final tip, avoid unnecessary snacking. When you feel like snacking for no reason other than boredom...find something else to do! If you want a snack NOW, just wait. Say you'll have it later & do something else in the meantime. You'll find that you end up forgetting about it completely & realize that you don't really need it or want it.

love ya xx issy xx
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well if your sugesting to losing weight its probably the only way you can fit into the clothes so try to start exersicing for 1 hour everyday and drink alot of water eat alot of fruits and vegtables I think that clothes does fit you probably a larger size and not the type of clothes you probably like but clothes does fit you just the larger type dont forget to follow the advice above so you can get the clothes that you want.
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i have trouble fitting into clothes too but hey dont worry.... have you ever seen those really tight under shirts? i were a extra large shirt but when i wear a size small of one of those under shirts, it sucks in my fat to where i fit in a medium. they work great and wearing one will help you look skinnier.... it sure helps me!