From sami, Age 12 - 08/05/09 - IP#:  Click here to reply  
Ht. 4'6", Start: 249 lb, Today: 249 lb (BMI %tile: 98), Goal: 150 lb - it's soooooo bad to go to the beach for me, because my big bro is normal sized, he's 16, and we go to this exclusive beach club, where ALL the girls there wear bikinis except the lifeguards, and even they find some way of showing off their perfect bodies. it's SOOOOOOO embarrassing when i went shopping in the mall at hollister, my bro went in to shop, and i nervously asked if they had bathing suits in my size, and the lady gave me this smirk, and said, sorry, i don't think so. maybe torrid has something. and my cheeks turned red, and i almost ran out of the store. she was just trying to be nice, but then i went to this other store, and my parents told me they wouldn't buy the bikini i wanted unless i came out and showed them, and i figured it might not be that bad, and went out of my stall, and some girl STARTED SNICKERING! so, i went to the beach in an old one peice and a shirt on top. i can't even wear tankinis because my belly won't stay in them!
Reply from Kirsten, Age 12 - 02/20/11  - IP#:
Aw. I feel so bad for you! I have the same problem. I do wear Tankinis, but I wear a bathing suit skirt with it. It kind flows out, and below my thighs, so I dont look as big. Try a one piece. I like the sundress idea! They have one pieces, but their like a dress that are just above you knees! They look really cute, and make you look smaller. :) Good luck!
Reply from Aly, Age 12 - 10/19/10  - IP#:
u shud be in da 90s not 200s
Reply from Jessica, Age 46 - 04/28/10  - IP#:
Have you looked at Land's End? They have a great selection of suits (in the catalog and in Sears stores) in petites (which you are since you are 4'6"). You can mix/match tops and bottoms which allows you to mix sizes *and* colors/patterns or go for a one piece.
I like the sundress idea that one of the posters made. There are some cute sundresses out.
Reply from grace, Age 11 - 02/16/10  - IP#:
it's ok! who cares what other people think. you should try beach volleyball. it's awesome!
Reply from Rachel, Age 19 - 01/21/10  - IP#:
That really sucks! I hate wearing bathing suits too. I usually wear a tankini top ( to cover up my belly/stretch marks ) with BOY swim shorts because they are a bit longer and baggier than girl's boardshorts!
Reply from Hannah kuehne, Age 16 - 08/18/09  - IP#:
don't worry you will lose weight someday :) :)
Reply from Cait, Age 16 - 08/08/09  - IP#:
I know just how you feel.. but i have found tankinis that work but try looking for the ones the have longer tops that fit more like a shirt and a cute skirt bottom or sumthing...and i love Torrid they have cute stuff it may not be what all the other girls are wearing but im sure you can find something that you look cute in and feel comfortable =D
Reply from Christine, Age 17 - 08/08/09  - IP#:
I've run into that problem so many times! If tankinis don't fit right, try wearing a sundress (they work at the beach, but not really at the pool, and they're not too good for swimming). If you're looking for something to wear while actually swimming, get a nice one-piece. They have really cute styles that look good on lots of people. If you're like me and self-conscious about your thighs, they sell lots of really cute skirts to cover them up.
Google something like "swimsuits plus-sized" to get lots of tips for bathing suits.