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Ht. 5'9", Start: 240 lb, Today: 334 lb (BMI %tile: 98), Goal: 200 lb - I don't know about you guy's, the way you talk it sound's like you have money.The way you talk about big store's like,jcpenny's,dot's,they sound's like there in a mall and people don't live right next to a mall.And gas is high in price it seem's like it, well in my mind you girl's under 200lb could lose pound's easily as taking a walk for an hour and lose it fast in week's.I know you guy's are thinking who am I to tell you,the answer Iam 100 and 34lb heaver thin you that's all.If I upset you girl's Iam sorry
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Don't worry. A good site 2 try is Weight Watchers. If u sign up for 3 months, it;s like $30. U basically track everything u do and eat and I've results. I've lost 5 pounds in 2 weeks w/o doing any excersize
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okay thanks
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ACTUALLY, the more overweight you are, the higher BMR you have, meaning, you burn more calories than someone your height and lighter does, JUST by living. So actually, it'll be harder for someone lighter than you to lose weight, cutting calories alone, you'll burn more calories than they do, so it'll take less exercise, possibly starting at a heavy enough weight none at all, for you to start losing, while it'll take quite a bit of work for someone lighter to drop a few pounds. I think the way you stated this was semi-rude. People may not live next to a mall, but in most places there are forms of public transportation, which are pretty cheap, and it's not the fault of anyone here if the advice they give can't apply directly to you. It's no one else's fault that you're heavier than they are and have a hard time, so I don't see the need to be rude about it.
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the reason why iam so fat it's because i had four big accidents that put me in state of weight and for your information Iam going to the YMCA and lost five pounds.Iam sorry for being rude or mean.P.S you need to work on your spelling so that someone can read your letters.
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yo just cuz you wiegh 334 doesn't mean you cant go for a walk for an hour. i know in may hurt but its a mental mind set. and you have to set it high. takke me i used to wiegh 255. but someone told me to make a mental mind set. so i did and i woeked hard. now i wiegh 215 but im on the starting offence line for ower football team. Also im on the jv team for ower wrestling team and lacrosse team. i even wieght train in the spring and summer. so don't be so harsh on ofther when you need the same.,
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Well I go to goodwill in Madison or any other goodwill,st vent's,garage sale's,Bethesda,thrift store's are pretty good and cheap.
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were do u buy your clothes i weigh 345 and am 5'7 i weigh more than u can u help me