From allisa, Age 14 - 02/20/03 - IP#:  Click here to reply  
for those that know me i am really not over weight, BUT i do tend to pig out when i come home from school. somtimes i snack out alot and can't eat dinner. i have stoped loseing weight like i use to and i gained 10 pounds! i started doing 100 sit ups a nice but that doesn't do anything at all! i really need help!!!!!!!! how can i stop myself from eating so much after school?
Reply from roxie, Age 16 - 02/21/03  - IP#:
i do 200-500 sit ups a day and it works for me but in for it to work u have to eat right and in corperate cardio in to ur work out! and ur not trying to be britney ! dont listen to her. i think ur doing a good job ! to stop eating so much after school keep your self busy and dont think about food if u like music sing id u like to dance dance exercise do something so u dont think about eating trust i was were u were a couple days ago but instead of eating i have been exercising and ive lost 4 lbs in 2 days ! good luck u can e-mail me at !
Reply from agie, Age 13 - 02/20/03  - IP#:
i think that u r just crazy about being "britany spears" lol. everybody has their spurs where they eat lotz and gain lotz. trust me, everyone. dont go crazy and do 100 frickin' situps! yeesh! u r gonna kill yaselfe. do this, dont pig out, eat helthy, and on the weekends, to reward urselfe, eat not too much, but some junk! it keeps u level! good luck