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im fed up of peope saying there fed up and leaving (i not is controdicting my self but who cares!) if know onereplys 2 your messages its because they have no idea what 2 suggest! just look some were else or ask some one else . dont leave or giv up because thats going 2 upset u even more and then you will feel worse which could cause you 2 eat more and put on more weight! so think about it, in the long run isnt it better 2 stay here and keep trying????????????????i know at least 1 ofyou are going 2 think , thats easy 4 her/him 2 say , but if you think about it it i easy 4 u to say aswell ! please reply if u have a comment on this
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some people just feel like they dont fit in and want 2 leave 2 help them self , as there are some very rude people on this site such as .... no i wont name names but we all know who they are dont we! so its up 2 them if they leave or not ! and what is the point in saying this if this site is about losing weight not argueing or causing disruption!!!!
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