From tessa, Age 14 - 07/18/03 - IP#:  Click here to reply  
Today: 298 lb - hey guys any 1 seen me round 298 lbsgal and plus size clothes. i want to impress a guy so i went to my school dance and ask ed him 2 dance he replied as im sorry i dont date fat kids so i cried and ate all night and weighed myself and giined 4 lbs. HELPPP
Reply from Matt, Age 1 - 07/07/04  - IP#:
this is matt again email me at anyone can and sorry for the typpos silly me
Reply from Matt, Age 14 - 07/07/04  - IP#:
Tessa i much of an advice person but i talked to a friend. See i am 157lbs and got strech marks growing on my legs. This is what happened i lost 9lbs i was 165lbs and i exercise and did some running. dont let anyone ever tell you your fat. if your nearly 300lbs so what if you want to get rid of it than it is not a decision for a doctor to tell you that your fat and your going to need sugery no one needs that. just don't let people tell you your fat exercise it will take a while but your doctor does'nt control you. you control your self so do something about it and that boy that told you he doesn't date fat chicks he hurt his self. don't get mad and eat tell them it's there loss and tell them to get a life and that advice is for everyone. thank you for reading this and i hope it will do some good for you all.
Reply from Andrew, Age 14 - 07/21/03  - IP#:
Forget about him, he's a real jerk anyway. E-mail me at if you want to talk.
Reply from Monique C., Age 13 - 07/18/03  - IP#:
hey girl, you can lose 54 pounds is 18 weeks and all you have to do is cut your food in half of what you eat.Don't eat junk food, Drinkalot of water exersize such as ride a bike,swim,and be ative more.