From Joanne, Age 15 - 04/10/04 - IP#:  Click here to reply  
Whola. Ag. i hate it when i feel so FAT. seriously. i hate being stressed and i HATE overeating. i exercise daily though :D haha thats like the only good thing. im 15 [[just turned 15 on the 5th]] =) and i weigh 150.. -______- im 5'7 too. i gave up soda [[eww i hate soda now]] i gave up chocolate and chips [[sometimes]]. i can control my portions but yeah. when i get pissed off by someone i just eat. lol. fun.. well yeah. whoo wants to be my diet buddy? i need one haha. well if you guyz wanna talk then IM me at bEbEE x SMiLE or LiCiOUZ COOkiE. ORRRRR you can email me at :D haha ok byeeeee
Reply from --*Danielle, Age 13 - 04/12/04  - IP#:
Hey i weigh the same as you and thats like my goal weight too and i wanna loose it by summer.. so like in general our bodies are prolly like the same.. and yah i used to do that too.. i found out that i wasnt liek invited to 1nna my Bfs Bday party and i got pissed off to and i started binging.. BUT..i found a way not to.. all you have to do is think about(if you dont have a Bf or if u like sum1) how hott u will be and ppl u will be able to get.. and how much better u will feel and Look!.. just be like Food..or what i do since i like love to dance i keep myslef busy with that too when im hungry.. ill put on ushers Yah and shake my ass cuz it makes me feel better..haha well i hope ive beena help and if u wanna talk IM me at Danyelle369..Good Luck!..
Reply from (a$$!3, Age 16 - 04/11/04  - IP#:
I know how you feel, when I get p-ed off at something I feel like eating. then I regret it.
Reply from stephanie, Age 14 - 04/10/04  - IP#:
hey u gurls that r out there I weighed 171 i lost 5 pounds i feel a little better. I really want to weigh 130 by my birthday witch is july 28 Ill b 15 so please HELP ME!!!!! I want to fit in a 2 piece. I also want to look really good. Im in size 9 i want to go to a size 5 or 6. In shirts im a size x-large i want to go to a medium. so I want to look good.
peace out