From Karina, Age 19 - 01/03/05 - IP#:  Click here to reply  
So I binged today. I had a WHOLE bag of LARGE chips and a KitKat bar after a HUGE dinner. I know this is what made me gain weight. BEfore Halloween I was only 105lbs. I used to be very over weight, but I worked hard to lose it. But now I've gained 15lbs, so I'm 120lbs. I know I'm not overweight still, but I know if I keep going on like this, I will be. I know it's 120lbs now, but if I keep going it'll be 130lbs, then 140lbs...EASILY. I ate like this because...well...of a guy who hurt me. I remember over the summer I lost weight by changing my lifestyle, and I've decided that it's time to get back on track. Weight loss is about changing eating habits permanently. If you diet and then overeat the next day, you won't accomplish anything. You'll probably gain, too. Just my word of advice. I'm 5'2, by the way. I know if I lost weight before, I can do it again. If anyone's looking to be buddies please leave an email. As BUDDY i mean CONSTANT support through emails, sharing ideas, learning about eachother as well. Good luck, everybody! ::Karina::
Reply from CuTie, Age 17 - 01/03/05  - IP#:
whats ur email?
Reply from CuTie, Age 17 - 01/03/05  - IP#:
Hey i could use a buddy, i want to go back to what i used to weigh and i just want to get healthy again. so i think support from a buddy sounds good email me if i u want...
Reply from Jessica, Age 17 - 01/03/05  - IP#:
hay, my namw is Jessica i just turned 17 on Dec,30,04 hunny you are older than you and you way way less than me you should not beat your self up and eat all that food because of a man boy what ever he was. You said that you weighted what 120lbs and you are 19 wel gues what im only 17 and weigh 136lbs thats really bad but you know what i did? I did the same thing as you did but after i relized that it was not even worth it so i decided to just go on a diet and its been working i've lost a total of 34lbs but on my b-day i think i gained it all back, last year well in 2003 when i was in the 10 grade i weighed about 110-120lbs and over the summer i gained all this weight and i dont understand why because i played soccer but i did and i think that if all us girls put our minds to it and not let men get in the way then we will be all able to loose all the weight that we want but you can e-mail me at if you want to talk
Reply from Christina, Age 16 - 01/03/05  - IP#:
Hey. We should be diet buddies. I'm 5'2 also and I weigh 125. I'm looking to get down to 112 before I go to Florida in Feb. I love emailing and sharing ideas and tips. I have tons! let me know.
Reply from rachael, Age 14 - 01/03/05  - IP#:
Aw hun I'm so sorry about all of this! I know how it feels to gain back weight that you've worked so hard to lose. And while that binge might make you gain a few pounds, I doubt it will be more than 5, and most of it water weight. Just get right back on track and it will be fine. :) Maybe you could find a different way to deal with your feelings instead of eating, like doing something active like going for a nice run or bike ride, etc.
Reply from anne, Age 17 - 01/03/05  - IP#:
i had lost 30 lbs last year- my highest weight was 175 and i got down to 145, but then i binged since the end of summer and gained back 20lbs!!!that's almost all the weight i worked so hard to lose! i know how it feels and it sucks- but i'm back on track as of the first and i would like to be your diet buddy- i always like emailing people and gettting my motivation up. my email address is